Geumsan is a year round attraction to Namhae despite being relatively small at only 681 metres.  Part of Hallyeo Haesang National Park it is home to Boriam Temple.   In summer months the large car park is filled with visitors milling around the food and souvenir stalls.   There is a car parking fee and an entrance fee to the foot of the mountain.  For those who don’t want to walk all the way there are regular minbus services as far as the temple, also at a small cost, leaving just  a  short hike to the top.  More stalls are to be found near the temple, plus small cafes selling refreshments for tired hikers.

For those who want to do the full trek, there are 3 trail heads; the longest from  Chojeon near Sangju (3 hours), from Bokgok reservoir (2 hours) or Geumyang (1 hour).

The views over the South Sea are spectacular, with Songjeong and Sangju beaches clearly visible.  Climbing past the temple and  out onto the rugged outcrops gives the best views, where it is also possible to look back towards the temple which appears to be nestled into the mountainside.

To get to Geumsan, follow the Namhae-eup bypass from Namhae Bridge towards Sangju.   You will see the car parks at the foot of the mountain on either side of the road.


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